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Category: Marketing Fundamentals


Email Marketing Metrics


The 7 Most Important Metrics All Email Marketers Should Be Tracking

Email Subject Lines: Relevant

Lead Generation For Technology Companies: How To Get Warm Leads

Lead generation for technology companies requires some serious marketing skills. Many marketers in the technology space have trouble getting leads because it’s hard to get high-converting leads in a very competitive field like tech. Getting good leads takes a lot of work, time, and money, as well as a good product or service that is in demand for the price.

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OKR vs KPI: Why You Need Both To Track Your Marketing

We could all agree that as a marketing manager, it’s pretty easy to assign a budget for a new marketing campaign. However, measuring its true impact on your business is far more difficult. By learning how to use an OKR vs KPI to analyze your marketing campaigns, you’ll be able to track your progress like a pro. This post will

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4 Ps Marketing Mix

The 4 Ps Marketing Mix

4 Ps Marketing Mix The 4 ps, known as the marketing mix, became widely accepted in the 1950’s. Niel Gordon, a professor in the field of advertising at Harvard University, is considered to be the father of the 4 ps. This model then evolved in the hands of E. Jerome McCarthy, a professor of marketing at Michigan State University. It

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Client Avatar

Creating Your Client Avatar Made Easy

Is Creating Your Client Avatar Really Worth Your Time? “Creating my client avatar is a waste of my time.” That’s what I thought about it when I just got started with marketing. Actually, this mindset cost me a lot of money.  Actually, creating your ideal client avatar might be the single most important task that you will do when you

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