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PPC: 8 Google Ads Extensions To Boost Your Results

Google Ads Extensions

What Are Google Ads Extensions?

Google Ads extensions is a feature that Google lets you take advantage of when you are running a Google PPC campaign. A successful Google PPC conversion campaign entails targeting the perfect audience (based on typed keywords) and showing them a relevant and appealing ad. After the person clicks on the ad, they are directed to a high-converting landing page. Once on the landing page, they can take the desired action. If you want to advertise on Google PPC like a pro, check out our full guide.

Google ads extensions are essentially add-ons to your ads, designed to make your ad more appealing and encourage your viewers to take the desired action. They can also serve as a shortcut that allows users to directly take the desired action from the ad, without ever having to visit your landing page. Take a look at these ads, and see if you can find the extensions and how they enhance the ads:

Google PPC

Furthermore, there are many different Google ads extensions that are available for you to use. Different ad extensions have distinct purposes and advantages & disadvantages. You should decide how many ad extensions and which ones you want to use based on what your campaign strategy is (impressions, clicks, or conversions-oriented). In addition, consider what is the desired call-to-action (CTA). You can create an ad extension by clicking on “ads & extensions” on the left menu, and then clicking on “extensionson the top of the screen. Let’s go through them.

The 8 Google Ads Extensions

1. Sitelink Extension

Sitelink Google Ads Extensions

Moreover, sitelinks are links to different pages on your site that you can have, displayed under your ad. This can help to personalize the users’ experience a little more. Sitelinks are particularly useful if you have several different products or services, or multiple variations of the same product or service. This way, the user is able to click on the landing page that most closely fits their needs, instead of going on a general page that has all of the products or services you offer. If you are using the sitelink ad extension, try to gauge the users’ intention based on their Google search and match that intent with the links that you display.

2. Callout Extension

Callout Google Ads Extensions

Finally, callout extensions are small sections of additional text below your ad copy that you can take advantage of. They are intended so that you can highlight any special features, deals, or promotions to help you stand out. This would be the perfect place to mention a free delivery option or a holiday promotion you are doing. If used correctly, callout extensions can be the difference between a good quality click and a user scrolling past your ad. 

3. Structured Snippet Extension

Structured Snippet Google Ads Extensions

A structured snippet extension is some additional text underneath your ad copy that will appear in list format (unlike sitelinks, this list has no links). If you have many different products, services, or variations that you’d like to list to give the user a better idea of what you have to offer and why you’re different from your competitors, then you should definitely use this ad extension. 

4. Call Extension

Call Google Ads Extensions

Is your campaign goal to drive phone calls?

If so, then you should definitely use call extensions. This will enable the user to call you directly from the ad, without ever clicking through to your landing page. It will appear as a phone number on desktop and as a clickable “call” button on the mobile version. Think about it, every time there is an additional step in your funnel, you will always lose a percentage of people who will bounce before getting to any given part of your funnel.

For example, you can have 3% of people who see your ad click on it (CTR), then 20% of people who land on your landing page actually call you. If you give people the option to call you directly from your ad, chances are you’ll get some people to call who would have bounced on the landing page.

5. Location Extension

Location Google Ads Extensions

You should consider using a location extension if you have a physical location to which you want to drive foot traffic. This way, if a user is convinced and ready to visit your store or location after seeing your ad, they can directly click on the location extension (address) and be taken there with GPS. This extension tends to be especially effective on mobile searches, as the user can directly use their mobile GPS navigation.

6. Affiliate Location Extension

Similarly, affiliate location extensions are the same exact concept as the location extension, except they are used if your product is carried by another store to which you want to drive foot traffic. 

7. Price extension

Price Google Ads Extensions

In addition, a price extension lets you display your product’s or service’s price directly on the ad. Price is a huge factor that consumers consider when making a purchase. They may not always click through to your landing page to explore prices, but if they see an appealing price directly on the ad, that might be the thing that seals the deal. You should use the price ad extension especially if your prices are a big selling point. 

8. App Extension

App Google Ads Extensions

Is the goal of your campaign app downloads? If so, you should use app extensions. This adds a button that will lead users directly to the app store to install your app. Again, this eliminates one step of the process (the landing page) and allows users to complete your desired action (app download) quicker and in fewer steps. 

Wrapping Up With Google Ads Extensions

In conclusion, Google ads extensions serve not only to enhance your ad and make it look appealing, but also provide a shortcut for your audience to take the desired action. Remember, the shorter and easier the process is for someone to take any given action, the more likely they will take that action. Google ads extensions are a great tool for you to enhance your ads and improve your campaign’s results. 

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