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How To Get More Facebook Followers With Ads

How to get more Facebook followers

Why Should You Bother Growing Your Facebook Following?

A great way to grow your business is to grow your social media following! Growing your following is often the very first step of your overall social media strategy. Facebook is the largest social network in the world. Let’s take a deeper dive into how to get more Facebook followers by using paid ads! No matter if posting interesting content, funny memes & GIFs, contests, promotions, and more, it’s a guaranteed way of getting many views in a snap.

That’s the great thing about paid marketing: you can literally buy engagement. This is a terrific method of growing your business…fast! Think about it: once someone likes your page, they will be served your content forever (until they make a conscious decision to unlike your page again). In other words, you’re building an asset.

Additionally, having a big Facebook following will give your business credibility. If someone is researching your company and sees that you have next to no followers, they might be skeptical to do business with you. 

Getting Started: How To Get More Facebook Followers

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Graphic

First of all, let me start by saying that these types of Facebook Ads do not cost a fortune. As long as you are taking the right steps, you should be able to grow your Facebook page following without spending too much time and money. 

Before you begin, you need to make sure that you have your Facebook page created and filled out. Make sure to fill out all important information about your business on your Facebook page. This includes information such as your business description, contact information, Call-To-Action button, photos/banners, and so on. It will also help you have some consistent posting on your page too. 

Also, make sure that you have your Facebook Ads Manager account all set up and configured. Although this is not theoretically necessary, I always recommend that you create a Facebook Business Manager account. That makes it much easier to be able to manage multiple pages/groups/accounts, instagram, pixels and tracking, access sharing & management, and much more. You can create your Facebook Business Manager here.

Creating A New Campaign

Now that you have your Business Manager set up, let’s get into exactly how to get more Facebook followers. Go to your Facebook Ads Manager Account (make sure it’s the right one) and click on the green “Create” button on the campaign level to create a new campaign.

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Creating Campaign

A popup will come up that will ask you to choose your campaign objective. Make sure that you select the “engagement” campaign objective in the “consideration” section. It will give you 3 different types of engagement campaigns- you’ll want to select “page likes.”

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Creating Campaign

Configuring Your Campaign And Ad Set Settings

Once your campaign is created, you will be taken to an editor where you’ll want to set a few things up. You can also edit a campaign by going to the campaign level in your Facebook Ads Manager. Hover over the campaign name and click on the “edit” hyperlink that will show up, as you can see below. 

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Open Facebook Campaign Editor

An editor will open- from here you will be able to edit everything you need for the campaign, ad set, and ad levels. 

Once you name your campaign and set up your basic preferences on the campaign level, go ahead and click on the ad set.

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Setup

Here, you’ll want to complete the basic configurations. Name your ad set, select the right Facebook page that you want to grow, and set your budget and schedule. You should also select your audience strategically and test a few audiences to see which is the best performing one. Here’s our full guide on Facebook audiences. The great thing is that Facebook will give you an estimate of what kind of daily results you should expect with your selected budget, audience, and configuration. Unless you are a Facebook Ads expert, I’d recommend selecting the “Automatic Placements” option that Facebook recommends. 

Diving Into The Ad Level

Once you have configured everything on the campaign and ad set levels, you are ready to edit the ad. Just click on the ad section inside of the same popup editor. Here you’ll be able to name the ad and confirm your identity (Facebook page). 

Great, now we have come to the important part: creating the actual ad.

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Strategy

how to get more facebook followers: Strategy

What’s most important to the success of your campaign?

  1. The ad copy
  2. The design/creative:

You have to grab the users’ attention and then present them with an enticing ad. Make sure to concisely tell them about your company, your page, and what’s in it for them to like your page. What value are they getting? Don’t forget to include a clear and direct CTA (call-to-action). Presumably, you want to say something like “Like Our Page.”

Action verbs work great, such as “Go,” “Get,” “Do,” “Like.” Use punctuation like exclamation marks and question marks! It makes the text more exciting. Also, asking the reader questions gets people to engage with your ad.

The recommended size for Facebook Ads images is 1080 x 1080 pixels. Especially if you are a beginner, I’d strongly recommend using Canva Pro to create your designs. It’s cheap, of amazing quality, and will take care of the majority if not all of your design needs. 

Important Metrics

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Metrics

How to get more Facebook followers at a low cost? Know your KPI’s (key performance indicators).

  • The main metric you should be looking at an trying to improve is the Cost per Like. This is the bottom line of the campaign.
  • You will also want to evaluate the CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). CPM is an important metric for getting a good cost per like.
  • Another very important metric is the number of likes. This will be crucial in order to scale your campaign. 

How To Get More Facebook Followers? Testing

How To Get More Facebook Followers: Testing

Mastering Facebook creatives and ads will not happen overnight. You should be in the testing mindset. Do your best to create a few amazing creatives and ad copies; then test them against each other (use the “ad duplication” feature to make this easier). Next, take the winner (best-performing ad), and test that against another one! This way you’ll always be able to keep improving your campaign’s performance. You should also consider duplicating your ad sets and testing different audiences, as mentioned before.

Last Few Things

Before launching your campaign, you should look through all of your placement previews (on the right-hand side) to make sure that the ads look good on the Facebook Feeds, Marketplace, and anywhere else that your ad will be displayed. Also, it’s important that your Facebook Pixel is properly set up (Tracking Section). This will ensure that you’re able to see accurate campaign performance metrics. Also, this allows Facebook to take all that data, learn from it, and improve the people within your audience that your ad is being fed to. 

Great, you are good to go! Once you are satisfied with your setup, you can just switch on the campaign, ad sets, and ads. Then, closely monitor the results and keep testing and optimizing. Check out our full Facebook ads optimization guide. Good luck!

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